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Gifts/comms/art trades from other artists:D I love them all^^



Custom payment
for :icondeeresthammy:, please pay here

What makes my heart melt

:star:Madison & Co:star:
[REQUEST] Madison by nunamnacommission for BlackMayo by HoroholikkaSS 2011 for BlackMayo by Dar-chanMadison BlackMayo's OC by ma-petite-poupee:thumb358465662:Blackmayo AT by tariah23SV for Blackmayo by Michiyo--Chan:C: Madison by VasiriiArt Trade - Sisters love by fanatysAT - Blackmayo 2 by Who-DiedMuse arttrade by Avionetca
:star: Librarian and Brandon:star:
Regenbogen by TeapotDomescamArt Trade - Brandon by HatoriKumikoBrandon as assassin by AvionetcaBG: at your service by AtemsGirlHAPPY B.DAY BLACK MAYO by AvionetcaCOMMISSION: Librarian by Noririn-HayashiWishlist: LIPTON FTW by miocchi
Ares by fanatysPoint Commission 05 by ymstrHades by Who-DiedMaster of the Undergrond by fanatys[c] Blackmayo bouncy by SpaceRomaHades and Ares by Mikadzuki-OokamiHades and Ares by kodou-e
:star: Eas(Poseidon) & Awan(Zeus) & PHZ trio:star:
ZEUS animation by AvionetcaZeus by KimqiEas - PC by DreaminInsomniacoc Poesidon by Kanda3egleZeus Hades Posejdon by AvionetcaCOMM: For BlackMayo 2 by Joz-yyhAT: Blackmayo by miocchiPosejdon and Zeus... licking by Avionetca
COMM: For BlackMayo by Joz-yyh...? by Who-Died
Aries by Chiri-nyanAquariusxAries for Black Mayo by MousyMAT- BlackMayo by Who-DiedCapri by Who-DiedSagittarius and Capricornus by dacadacacommission 2 by lifedonoLeo is... MINE by AvionetcaCommission - BlackMayo by MeishaliCM: BlackMayo by LanisaurusJuin by LuxiellaHAPPY BIRTHDAY MAYO!! by milochiPC for black-mayo by Nexivi
Erato - Comission- by Kiwi-SanArtTrade For BlackMayo by Joz-yyhAT:  Melpomena by sanrucha[R] BlackMayo by SpaceRomaAT with BlackMayo by LilamiArt Trade: Urania by Otouta:thumb403642301:
:star:Heirs etc.:star:
[c] Blackmayo icon by SpaceRomaContest Prize: BlackMayo by JotakuOCCommission001: Apollo-Artemide by sakonmaC: BlackMayo (speedpaint) by lifedonoCommission For Blackmayo by egadmychipsCommission 25 for BlackMayo by milochiCommission: Black Mayo by kiimcakesArt Trade with BlackMayo by Membugen[ao] Black Mayo 2 by SpaceRomaCM: BlackMayo by Kersjes
:star:Rest of pairings:star:
Wishlist contest entry by aisaczek
Keep an Open Mind by WataDragLUST for BlackMayo by AvionetcaPC for blackmayo by NexiviLoki from Wishlist by Avionetca~Greed~ by candykiki[c] Blackmayo icon by SpaceRomaC: Pride page doll -- BlackMayo by crplPC - Loki by DreaminInsomniac
:star: OCs for other projects:star:
AT blackmayo by LuskishHappeh Vday by Who-DiedLovLov by Who-Died112 by Who-DiedJavier x Litriuil by Ahsayuni-LoveCollab OC - Kalyenn by Who-DiedKalyenn by Who-DiedAT - BlackMayo by Who-Died
:star:Fandoms related::star:
Human!Feferi by milochiLavi and Kanda by doubleleafDifferent Skies by Yullen69Yullen contest art by AvionetcaUke Dresses by Tkaczka


Collab adopts 1/8 OPEN /reduced prices/ by BlackMayo
Collab adopts 1/8 OPEN /reduced prices/
3 of them are left, so I'm reducing prices a bit, and adding possibility to pay via points~!

:iconspaceroma: did lines for 1, 2, 5, 6 and colored 3, 4 ,7 and 8.
I did lines for 3, 4 ,7 ,8 and colored 1, 2, 5 and 6.

Rules simple as always, first come first serve, you recieve fullsize of the design.
This time only paypal, Roma here needs some extra $$$ so it'd be great if u guys took these babs. Also u should go to his profile, he does hella cute commissions. 

1. taken by :iconzennidopts:
2. taken by :iconshroomhattah:
3. 7$ or 700 pt / OPEN
4. taken by :iconjkdreamer:
5. taken by :iconwallicat:
6. taken by :iconcoffeecake-adopts:
7. taken by :iconwintryabyss: 
8. taken by :iconwintryabyss: 
:Custom: for DeerestHammy by BlackMayo
:Custom: for DeerestHammy
Custom character design for :icondeeresthammy:,

I just had to finish that one right after wip got accepted, because I like that kind of characters A LOT, it was fun to draw:>
I'm pretty happy about how that design came out:>
Thank you for giving me such cute themes to work with ;.;



Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Steam username: blackmayo89
(if you want to add me, go ahead:> but please inform me what username you use on steam before you send the invite, so I'll know who is who)

Avatar made by the great :iconclover-teapot: :>

:star:Ask Me About Art Trades Stamp by AngelLale87Commision on hold stamp by AngelLale87Point Commission On Hold Stamp by AngelLale87:star:
TF2 RED Team Stamp by SupaSoldierScout Stamp by AzureReilightNope dot stamp by DannyCat-X3TF2 - WANKA...animated by Stamps-By-Mephie
Koujaku by MasayiDiscworld Stamp by kjthemightyPhotoShop Love Stamp by drDIGITALhamodiWacom User :stamp: by Amblygon
:star::star::star:my babes:star::star::star::star:
Be my babe too. I'm a good wife:>
:star::star::star:hella gang:star::star::star:
[c] Blackmayo bouncy by SpaceRoma:heart::heart::heart:C: Pride page doll -- BlackMayo by crpl:heart::heart::heart:C: BlackMayo (speedpaint) by lifedono
I won't be accepting new commissions for a short while (like week or two). I need to at least finish few more comms before accepting next ones. I thought I'll never have to do that, but rn I can't allow myself to work on stuff other than comms and my art stamina is getting low. I can put you on waiting list, though.

Comm info still up in case anyone wants to check em' out:

Payment in points accepted (not for all types), 1$=100 points.

:star: CHIBIS:
:bulletgreen: non-shaded mini cheeb: 4$ per character, couple: 6$
OC OTPs by BlackMayoMini point adopts : CLOSED by BlackMayo
:bulletgreen:  small cheeb: soft shading: 5$ per character,
every additionach character on the same picture: 2$
teeny tiny chibi trash boy by BlackMayo
:bulletgreen: small cheeb, soft shading + blinking animation: 6$ per character
:Comm: Tyra01 by BlackMayo
:bulletgreen: big cheeb:  big hands&feet, cellshading:  6$ per character,
every additionach character on the same picture: 3$ 
:Comm: Achak by BlackMayo:Comm: Inugami by BlackMayo
:bulletgreen: big paintery cheeb: 7$ per character,
every additionach character on the same picture: 4$
:Bastion: The Kid by BlackMayo:ArtTrade: Ian by BlackMayo

7$ per character,
every additionach character on the same picture: 4$
Outfits For Adopt nr08 by BlackMayoGemini by BlackMayo
non-shaded option: 5$
First 2015 adopt batch : CLOSED : by BlackMayo
:bulletgreen: paintery stylized anatomy:  8$ per character,
every additionach character on the same picture: 5$
Feathery adopt : closed : by BlackMayoElf prince by BlackMayo

:bulletgreen: backgroundless: 9$ per character,
every additionach character on the same picture: 5$
:Wishlist: Anubis by BlackMayo:Wishlist: Loki by BlackMayo
:bulletgreen: one colour bg, more detailed hair: 10$ per character
every additionach character on the same picture: 7$
:ArtTrade: Eleonora by BlackMayoThere goes fashion disaster by BlackMayo

(price may increase a bit if you'll request more detailed background for any of types)
:bulletgreen: bust: 6$ per character,
every additionach character on the same picture: 5$
:extra to adopt01: Portrait by BlackMayo:Comm: Maeron by BlackMayo
:bulletgreen: hallfbody: /paypal only/ 10$ per character,
every additionach character on the same picture: 7$
Yeni by BlackMayoThe Proxy by BlackMayo
:bulletgreen: up to knees: /paypal only/ 15$ per character
every additionach character on the same picture: 8$
Silva by BlackMayomelting gold by BlackMayoThe night of spirit swallows by BlackMayo
:bulletgreen: fullbody: /paypal only/ 18$ per character,
every additionach character on the same picture: 10$
:Request: Koray by BlackMayoCrystal prince  : Closed: by BlackMayo:Comm: Bastian by BlackMayo:Wishlist: Horus by BlackMayo

:bulletgreen: faceless chibi:
:Comm: outfits for Wintryabyss by BlackMayo:Comm: moon and sun outfits by BlackMayo
frontview : 5$ per outfit
backview : 2$ per outfit
non-shaded: 4$ per outfit
:bulletgreen:  chibi:
:Extra to adopt09: Outfits by BlackMayo:Comm: outfit design for LoRd-TaR by BlackMayo
frontview : 7$ per outfit
backview : 4$ per outfit
non-shaded: 5$ per outfit
Non-shaded backview: 3$ per outfit
:bulletgreen: stylized anatomy: /paypal only/
Adopt batch :CLOSED: by BlackMayoOutfits For Adopt nr08 by BlackMayo:COMM: Rhea and Liam by BlackMayo
frontview : 8$ per outfit
backview : 6$ per outfit
non-shaded: 6$ per outfit
Non-shaded stylized: 5$ per frontview
:bulletgreen: Normal: /paypal only/
:COMM: Bairei by BlackMayoCrystal prince  : Closed: by BlackMayo:Comm: outfits for Xavier by BlackMayo
frontview : 10$ per outfit
backview : 7$ per outfit
:bulletgreen: any kind of addictional expressions, accessory view, sprites will cost between 1-6$,
total cost of outfit design and character sheet will depend on amount of outfits, additional stuff and usage of only front of back views. Or both. You can mix the options as much as you want to create sort of ref sheet..
Prices and styles:
Customsprices by BlackMayo
Note that custom character slots are limited! I don't always have some free spots, so ask before you order. If slots are full at the moment, I can put you on the waiting list and inform when you can place an order.

:star:Rules, will do, won't do:star:
:bulletgreen: you can pick if you prefer to pay before, after seeing sketch or when you recieve picture. Though I'll prefer to recieve payment after showing sketch. Important: with character sheets and outfit designs, I'm accepting payment only after you saw all sketches and gave green light to finishing your designs.
:bulletgreen: payment with points will be either by commission widged, or by prenium download button after the picture is ready.
:bulletgreen: Do not send the payment before we talked about your order enough and before you're sure I will be able to draw it!

:star: Will do:
:bulletgreen: couples: m/m, m/f, f/f, nothing too close to nsfw though, and please note that I'm not really good with m/f and f/f as I almost never draw it.

:star: Won't draw:
:bulletred: fancharacters/ OCxCanon, that also means no outfit designs for fan charas,
:bulletred: furries (some levels of anthro are ok)
:bulletred: animals (unless they're not main focus, but only a company, for example)
:bulletred: oversexualized stuff with girls, topless girls, really anything sexual.
:bulletred: pregnancies, genderbent, weird fetishes, ponies.
:bulletgreen: I probably forgot few things, so always try to describe as much as you can in the request to make sure I will be able to do it u.u

:star: All other peps that are currently waiting for their commissions:
If I forgot about you or you forgot what you ordered/something's unclear, please contact me u.u


BlackMayo has started a donation pool!
3,171 / 3,000
Payments for adopts and such, as well as donations go there ayyyy.

Point commissions are rarely open, usually only when I need to re-new my pm.
Or when I think about making a contest with points as prize options. Will open point comms when I decide on contest...

You must be logged in to donate.


Are my commission/adopts prices too high/too low or ok? 

31 deviants said Ok for work quality
30 deviants said Too low for work quality
6 deviants said Too high for work quality


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:iconjessalia: :iconangelforever555: :iconexperiment00x: :icontadgr02: :icontoleave:



No problem, I just sometimes feel like drawing other's designs:> But I prefer to pick what request to draw myself so it's a win-win
Mon Apr 28, 2014, 11:38 AM
The journal req thing is so cool, thanks for the opportunity! ;3
Mon Apr 28, 2014, 9:33 AM
Baby don't jump you may get hurt u.u
Sun Apr 13, 2014, 4:32 AM
jumps with joy because blackmayo is the best!!
Sat Apr 12, 2014, 7:00 PM
ha ha ha well it's a stupid doodle xD
Mon Oct 28, 2013, 6:38 AM
Sun Oct 27, 2013, 1:02 PM
my sis made it for me:D
Thu Jul 4, 2013, 11:30 AM
your icon is awesome laughssss
Thu Jul 4, 2013, 3:48 AM
Kon'nichiwa! Happy birthday!!!
Fri Apr 12, 2013, 2:11 PM
Thu Feb 14, 2013, 9:26 AM


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